Frequently asked questions about foyer Saint Jean Eudes

Are female students accommodated at the student home?

Foyer Saint Jean Eudes is strictly reserved for young men, but you can find a list of catholic student homes open to young women on the website of the Diocese of Paris.


How much does accommodation in the student home cost?

The rent is €715 per month. This price includes a furnished single room, water, electricity, taxes, insurance, weekly cleaning, breakfast and one weekly meal.

Three fully-equipped kitchens are available to students for lunch and evening meals, as well as laundry facilities.


Are all meals included in the monthly rent?

Breakfast is included as well as Tuesday’s dinner.  However other lunch and evening meals are not.


Is bedlinen supplied?

No, sheets are not supplied.


Can the student home accommodate under-aged students?

This is possible but subject to parental discharge and after an interview with the head of the student home.


Can students keep their room for the summer?

They are able to stay in the summer except during the first two weeks of August (annual closure period).

A tailored-price is offered then. 


Can you stay more than a year ?

Yes, a student can stay for a second year, or even more, depending on his studies and general behaviour.The priest in charge of the student home must give his approval to the request.


Can practising Catholics only register at the student home?

No, the student home is open to all but it is necessary to agree with its spiritual project and be willing to live one’s faith with other students.


What is the registration procedure ?

After reading all the documents, you just have to fill in the registration form, and then send it to us, together with all requested documents by email at this address : etudiants@fsje.fr

You must also attach a deposit fee and administration fees (either by cheque or transfer)


When does registration start?

On 1 January.


How many rooms are available ?

There are twenty-four rooms available for students.


Who can access students’ rooms?

Parents and siblings are allowed to enter the room. For other people, the head of the student home must give his approval.


Who can access study rooms?

Male and female students from outside the student home can, on an ad hoc basis, and with the agreement of the head of the student home, come to the study rooms for revisions or joint work with their classmates living in the student home, until 10 p.m at the latest.


What are the rules and regulations?

The student home is governed by a charter and regulations.

Each candidate must agree to comply with the rules and signs a document to acknowledge the rules and regulations.


What communal student activities are planned ?

An integration weekend is organised at the end of August and a communal dinner is scheduled every Tuesday evening. Students are committed to participating.

Times of spiritual training are also offered to students who are strongly encouraged to participate, if the study workload allows.


Is there access to a Television ?

Yes, there is a TV available for students on the same floor as their rooms.


Who can I contact if I need an official certificate?

For any document (proof of accommodation certificate, rent receipt, copy of  tenancy) or any administrative matter, you can contact the Deputy Director of the student home, Mr Le Néa by e-mail at jp.lenea@fsje.fr


Who is in charge of the student home?

Student home is managed by the Eudists, and they are reachable at the following e-mail address : etudiants@fsje.fr

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