Benefits of Foyer Saint Jean Eudes, a Catholic student home


Foyer Saint Jean Eudes is located in the 14th district of Paris, a three-minute walk away from the metro station Glacière (Line 6). It is very easily accessible by underground lines 4, 12 and 13 and by RER B. It is close to Montparnasse and Austerlitz train stations.

Bus lines serving the neighbourhood : 21-59-64-83-91

It is also possible to ride there as an underground parking lot is available for students’ bikes.


Peace and quiet

Overlooking one side on a little busy and quiet street, the other on its private garden, Foyer Saint Jean Eudes offers a very calm and tranquil environnement which is conducive to studying.

Its serene atmosphere also allows young people to take the time to think in detail about their future career path, their choice of life and their vocation (marriage, priesthood, religious life).

The terrace and garden offer the possibility to get fresh air and relax (table tennis, reading).


Life of Faith

The chapel, which is permanently open, allows students to attend Mass or pray whenever they wish to. Upon request, priests are available for a spiritual accompaniment or confession.


Becoming autonomous and responsible

Lunch and evening meals are not provided at the student home (apart from Tuesday’s dinner). This may be a drawback, but it allows students to become more responsible, by learning how to cook and manage a budget for food. Three kitchens are available close to their rooms. Cooking together, especially at dinner time, reinforces their links and make them more autonomous. There are many food stores nearby. They can also register to local University restaurants.

For their washing, students can buy tokens at the reception desk and use the laundry facilities.



Friendly and fraternal times are regularly offered to students, including Tuesday’s dinner, taken in common in the dining room of the premises. This allows students alike to make friends and contacts and not live in isolation during their University studies which are often demanding.

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